Logical Access Control Systems

Logical Access Control which entails the identification, authentication, authorization and accountability on IT hardware, networks and applications, is something which has become more essential in the 21st century.

From unauthorised access to servers and other hardware, controlling access to sensitive data and applications and fraud mitigation, logical access control using a bio-metric fingerprint reader (Zvetco Verifi Fingerprint Readers) is something which must be seriously considered by our customers. Only a bio-metric fingerprint reader offers real security: password-based and card-based solutions are too easy and likely to circumvent.

Standard single sign-on (SSO) solutions offered are no longer sufficient. Fraud and other criminal activity due to insufficient controls and systems is a multi-million dollar problem faced by corporations and government institutions around the world.

Want to protect your network from fraud and your applications from unauthorised use? Our Logical Access Control Solutions are used around the world by governments, banks, medical and various other corporations to protect data, networks and sensitive applications.

Logical Access Control of Networks and Applications: USB fingerprints readers, turnkey software solutions and SDK, allowing for the implementation, authentication and accountability controls on your computers, network and application.