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Fingerprint Readers

Biometric technology can be integrated into almost any application that requires access control and the identification or verification of users.

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Time & Attendance Systems

Without a comprehensive time and attendance solution, money and time are wasted, with payment for non-work, excessive overtime, or buddy-clocking.

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Access Control

Access Control Solutions

With modern biometric technology and locks, our clients are able to manage every aspect of their access control requirements.

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How we save your business time and money!

Time and attendance

Time and Attendance Clocking Systems

In our business and yours, time is literally money. Your staff are earning wages and salaries, for which they must deliver work and efficiency at your premises/offices.

  • Reduce your overtime and wage bill immediately
  • A biometric fingerprint reader guarantees each employee must clock for themselves
  • T&A software, able to meet your shift pattern, reporting and business requirements
  • Integration into your Payroll System
  • Assists your business meeting legislative requirements

Blake Consultants has the right time and attendance solution for you and your business – Request a quote or demo today!

Access Control Solutions

Physical access control is all about who is on your site, where they are going, and when they are allowed and not allowed to access certain areas and assets.

  • Secure your premises with biometric fingerprint technology
  • Full-height turnstiles or waist-height turnstiles
  • Magnetic and strike door locks
  • Manual and automatic vehicle barriers
  • Spike barriers
  • Balustrades

Blake Consultants has the right access control solution for you and your business – Request a quote or demo today!

Access Control Solutions
Fingerprint Readers, Time-and-Attendance Clocking Systems and Access Control Solutions!
About Blake Consultants

About Blake Consultants

Blake Consultants – The leading experts in biometric fingerprint reader time and attendance systems and access control solutions has a singular focus – To be the best at what we do, and what we do is time and attendance and access control, nothing else.

We are passionate about:

  • Our customers and their employees
  • Supply and installation of only the best time and attendance software
  • Installation of only the best high quality fingerprint reader technology
  • Supply and installation of only the best access control hardware and software
  • Delivering a real ROI to all our customers – every customer, every day, all the time

Having worked with small, medium and large businesses, we understand this industry and our customer’s expectations.

We are product-independant. This means we are not tied to any brand of hardware or software, but rather loyal to our customers and understanding their needs.

Our customers success is our success. Understanding their Time-and-Attendance and Access Control requirements, allows us to implements systems and strategies which maximize ROI, productivity and efficiency. Become part of the leading team today.